New Web Site and Blog

Ok.  So it’s not really a web site in the strictest sense.  It’s a blog with a web site address!  From here on out, the official Pat Fitzhugh “web site,” also known as, will be this WordPress blog.

“A blog?” you ask.  Yep.  I’ve run web sites since the early 1990s, when the World Wide Web first emerged, and I’ve learned a few things along the way.  Web sites are great for many things, as are blogs, but the latter is easier to update and maintain than the former.  Today’s tech delicacies, such as tag clouds, bookmarking sites, RSS, and the whole social media craze, add speed, relevance, notoriety, and credibility to any topic people find interesting.  When that happens, they share it with their friends, then their friends share it, and so on.  Blogging and social media are today’s digital incarnation of yesteryear’s old-fashioned “word-of mouth” network.  Blogging enables me to better interact with my readers–the people I write for.

One of my earlier web sites, originally created around 1994 and now in its tenth incarnation, “,” isn’t going anywhere.  In fact, I’ve been gutting it out and optimizing it.  The site will undergo the biggest overhaul (and promotion) of its lifetime, beginning in March of 2013.

I hope you enjoy visiting and reading the blog.  Make sure to check the accompanying pages, too.  You’ll find current news, descriptions of the books I’ve written, my biography (for the nosy at heart), and a FAQ page.

Take Care                 …… pf