Winter Pruning

I’ve just checked my blog’s follow list for the first time. Then I checked the list of blogs I follow. They don’t match, or even come close to matching. The problem, it seems, is that I’m following a LOT of blogs who won’t extend the courtesy of following mine back. I thought such things only happen on “Twitter,” lol, but ironically, Twitter has actually turned out to be a much better social networking tool for me. At any rate, I’m yanking out my machete and fixing the WordPress problem right now. It wouldn’t be such a big deal to me, except that in the two months I’ve been here, only 28 people have bothered to follow. Maybe I could get better participation over on “Myspace,” but alas, I forgot my password when it turned into a ghost town, six years ago. Off to make it 28/28!


  1. HA! Twitter? I’ve yet to figure Twitter out, but from what I can tell, it’s pretty easy for people to follow you and enjoy your posts and books. I need to focus more heavily on it, well that and SEOing my WordPress. But, seeing as how I write for a very small niche, I doubt I’ll get a million followers anytime soon!


  2. Don’t get discouraged. I especially like your comments on writing, and believe that many others will (eventually, blogging seems to develop slowly for most of us) discover and enjoy your blog, too. On the other hand, I found you on Twitter. 🙂


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