“Stuckey’s Bridge” Video Trailer Released

The video trailer of “The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge” is now online!

The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge
by Lori Crane, with foreword by Pat Fitzhugh

In 1901, the Virginia Bridge & Iron Company began re-building a fifty-year-old Mississippi bridge. In the middle of the project, they discovered more than a dozen bodies buried in the banks of the river.

Legend has it, he was so evil, he was even thrown out of the notorious Dalton Gang. Years later, he opened an inn near the river, and on foggy nights, boatmen witnessed him pacing back and forth across the bridge, waving his lantern, offering travelers a hot meal and a soft bed.

Those unfortunate enough to take him up on the hospitality were often never seen again.

To this day, eerie experiences are still reported around the bridge that now bears his name. If you travel down to Stuckey’s Bridge, be careful, for not much else is known about the man locals refer to as Old Man Stuckey…until now.

The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge – available June 2013 in paperback, Kindle and Nook.