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Saturday November 5-6, 2016 / Octagon Hall, Franklin, Kentucky / Bell Witch Presentation, Book Signing, and All-Night Ghost Investigation of Mansion and Grounds

7:00PM – 8:00AM — Join author, paranormal adventurer, and TV personality Pat Fitzhugh for a night of fear, shock, and intrigue as he gives a Bell Witch lecture based on his years of research, signs copies of his books, and leads an all-night investigation of the mansion and grounds at historic Octagon Hall, one of America’s most haunted locations.  $75/Person + Tax (No cancellations or refunds).

TICKETS: Click here!


Friday October 28, 2016 / Old South Pittsburg Hospital–South Pittsburg, Tennessee / Historical Tour / Ghost Investigation Class / All-Night Ghost Investigation

Join author, TV personality, and paranormal adventurer Pat Fitzhugh and the Haunted History Expeditions crew for a night of fright and intrigue as they give a historical tour, put on a ghost investigation class, and lead a paranormal investigation of Tennessee’s infamous Old South Pittsburg Hospital, one of the South’s most haunted locations. $99/Person (No cancellations or refunds).

TICKETS:  Click here!


Sat. October 22, 2016 (Both Nights–Pick One) / The Thomas House, Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee / 7PM / Bell Witch Dinner Theater Lecture, Q&A, Book Signing, and Overnight Paranormal Investigation 

Pat Fitzhugh returns to The Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, just in time for Halloween with his Bell Witch dinner theater lecture, book signing, and overnight paranormal investigation! You get: Hotel Room | Tour | Dinner Buffet | Presentation | Book Signing and Meet-Greet | All-Night Ghost investigation of The Thomas House | Breakfast Buffet.  $95/Person + Tax / No cancellations or refunds allowed.

RESERVATIONS:  Click here!

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