1. Question:  How old are you? | Answer:  “Age” is merely the number of years that have elapsed between a person’s birthdate and the present–a calculation.  Aside from the legal voting and drinking ages, I can’t see why, or where, the calculation would come into play.  Okay, okay… you win!  I’m old enough to vote and drink.
  2. Question:  Who taught you how to write? | Answer:  Nobody.  I am self-taught; I write from my heart.
  3. Question:  How much time do you spend writing each day? | Answer:  It varies, but usually 3-4 hours, in one-hour chunks and always at night and on holidays.
  4. Question:  Who is your favorite writer? | Answer:  Probably William Faulkner and John Grisham (tie).  I also was a huge fan of the late William Gay, a fellow Tennessee author who, despite commercial success, never received the praise he deserved.
  5. Question:  With Bell Witch, you added “The Full Account” to the title.  Why? | Answer:  When most people hear the term, “Bell Witch,” they think of the haunting in Robertson County, Tennessee, between 1817 and 1821.  That part is correct, but there also exists North Carolina and Mississippi versions of the legend, and people still report strange things happening, even today.  My book covers North Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi, and from 1817 until 2000.  Hence, the “Full Account.”
  6. Question:  Have you visited all of the locations you discuss in Ghostly Cries From Dixie? | Answer: Yes.
  7. Question:  Can you review my manuscript and give me some pointers? | Answer:  I’d love to, but I can’t.  Critiquing a manuscript (correctly) takes hours.  If I critique yours, I will have to critique everyone’s–and I’ll have no time left to work on my own writing.
  8. Question:  Where do you live? | Answer:  I’ve lived in middle Tennessee all of my life.
  9. Question:  What’s coming up? | Answer:  From Turkey Creek – A Memoir is winding down and should be available in 2013; also, the sequel to Ghostly Cries From Dixie should be available in the same time-frame.  A Kindle edition of The Bell Witch: The Full Account is also in the works.  I’ve also begun work on a book about haunted locations along the old Natchez Trace footpath.
  10. Question:  Do you do personal appearances, such as lectures and book signings? | Answer:  Yes.  I’m working on integrating my calendar into this blog.  Keep checking back!

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