The Bell Witch: The Full Account

Pat Fitzhugh's "The Bell Witch: The Full Account" -- Front cover.

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The Armand Press — 2000, 2003, 2009

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“Mr. Fitzhugh doesn’t resort to hocus-pocus or speculation, but relates the facts much as a criminal investigator would view a current crime. If you are a fan of history, lover of a good mystery, or interested in supernatural phenomena, The Bell Witch: The Full Account will provide an insightful and interesting read.”

— The Memphis Pages, February 2001

“Nothing more substantive has been written about the Bell Witch, and based on the heavy research of extant records and other data, I doubt anything more substantive will ever be written about the Bell Witch.”

–Amazon Customer Review

“…sheds new light on one of the oldest and most popular pieces of American folklore; well-researched, authoritative, and compelling.”

— Southern Legends and Folklore Review

“This book is the most authentic and well researched book of it’s kind. Pat Fitzhugh goes above and beyond in this narrative of the history of the Bell family and their darkened past.”

–Amazon Customer Review

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From the image of a lifeless body hanging from a tree, to the relentless torture of a rural Tennessee family, all-powerful Kate was the personification of evil. Often called the “Bell Witch,” Kate terrorized the John Bell family of northwestern Robertson County, Tennessee, from 1817 to 1821. Even General Andrew Jackson had a run-in with Ol’ Kate.

Mostly invisible and speaking through disembodied voices, Kate tortured children, sang hymns, cursed like a sailor, and even predicted the future. Kate’s stated missions were to end Betsy Bell’s engagement to her suitor and to kill her father. She accomplished both. Even today, almost 200 years later, people often report mysterious happenings near the old Bell farm.

After more than two decades of exhaustive research, researcher Pat Fitzhugh for the first time shares everything. This 406-page literary work includes not only the epic tale of terror, but pictures of the area, footnotes that document the author’s sources, thought-provoking discussion notes, appendices, an index, and detailed biographical sketches of those who figured into the legend. Pleasant dreams.  ♦



    1. The entire Lauderdale County area is full of ghosts, haints, and boogers! Maybe one day I’ll write about something in that area. But in the meantime, please check out Lori Crane’s, “The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge.” It is being released this week, and it’s a great historical account and legend of the old bridge. Also, I wrote the foreword to it, so I guess you could say I have in fact already written something about the history and boogers of Meridian, MS! The minute “Stuckey’s Bridge” releases, I will post about it here on my site. Thanks for commenting!


      1. Lori is my first cousin.  Very smart and talented.  We have artists, musicions, and  writers in our family. P


      2. Through ancestry I found that I was related too the bells John bell is my great great great great grandfather or something like that in my family we already knew that we were family but ever since I was a girl I was so infatuated with the story I finally put the money together too see if the rumors where true now I’m going too read your book Thankyou so much


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